1. Cocker Barrel To A-5 Adapter (Barrel Bushing Replacement)
  2. A-5/X7/ BT-4 BigShot APEX Ready 12 Inch .690 Bead Blasted Black
  3. Assault Ported Fake Suppressor for Assault and STR8 Shot Barrels
  4. APEX Ready Tip For Assault and STR8Shot Barrels
  5. Automag Vertical Asa Adapter, With Two Output Holes
  6. Universal Fake Suppressor
  7. A5/X7/ProCarb Barrel To Model 98 Marker
  8. Cocker Barrel To Spyder/Pirahna Adapter
  9. A5/X7/BT-4 BigShot APEX Ready 8 Inch .690 Bead Blasted Black
  10. Ion/Impulse to Cocker Barrel Adapter
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  1. Paintball Team Desert Edge sponsored by LAPCO!
  2. Tippmann A5 Mods with a Lifetime Warranty!
  3. TIGHTSTICK - The paintball barrel you wish you had.
  4. New Magazine Release for Tiberius Arms pistols
  5. Old Paintball Ad The Grey Ghost (Paintball History)

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