1. Universal Fake Suppressor
  2. Spyder Vertical ASA, With brass Mounting Bolt
  3. Clamping Feed 7/8 Universal
  4. Spyder Cup Seal (Package of 5)
  5. Spyder Feed Neck, Hole in Ear, Anodized Black
  6. Spyder Sizer, .685 Inch ID
  7. Spyder Feed Neck No Hole, Matte Finish.
  8. Spyder Bottom Line Hardware Kit
  9. Spyder Offset Sight Mount
Clamping Feed 7/8 Universal
Clamping Feed 7/8 Universal

Clamping Feed 7/8 Universal, Bead blasted black (Any gun with a 7/8 inch vertical stack, vintage Spyders, vintage vertical stack Angels, Infinity Legend, some palmer's guns, the vertical feed adapter for Ghost and Phantom)


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