1. Universal Fake Suppressor
  2. Slide Check Valve
  3. T-Stock Set: Anodized Black
  4. HPA Wide Bottle Adapter for LAPCO Drop Forward and T-Stock
  5. LAPCO Billet Plug: Polished Aluminum - NOVELTY ITEM ONLY !
  6. Dual Air Source adapter
  7. Expansion Chamber, Anodized Black
  8. Universal Plastic Sleeve Kit
  9. Drop Forward, Anodized Black
  10. Drop Forward, Nickel Plated
T-Stock Set: Anodized Black
T-Stock Set: Anodized Black

T-Stock Set with Drop Forward


The LAPCO T-Stock Set with Drop Forward is a truly universal accessory.  Kit includes; T-Stock, drop forward including a tank adapter, and mounting hardware.


The T-Stock has a variety of mounting holes and adjustment options.  The standard screw pattern is available, as is the staggered pattern utilized by the Spyder markers.


The T-Stock can be mounted for 3 different stock lengths.  This will provide the most comfortable option for players of all sizes.


The Drop Forward that is included in the set is optional and the T-Stock can be installed without using it.


The Drop Forward included in the set can utilize any size CO2 tank and most screw-in HPA systems.  Extra wide bottles HPA bottles may need to utilize the wide bottle adapter (sold separately).


The T-Stock is an extremely comfortable angle for extended stress-free play.


The shoulder stock sits lower than the marker, so the player can still utilize normal sighting / aiming methods without straining their neck.


The weight and proportion of the T-Stock balances most markers very well.  This reduces player arm fatigue.


This product is especially well suited for pump and stock-class players


·        Made from very high grade aluminum, custom formulated for LAPCO.

·        Anodized using a proprietary process that produces an extra hard and durable finish.

·        Made 100% in-house in the USA. 

·        Every T-Stock Set carries The Legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty: This is the best warranty you will never have to use. 

·        Every set is laser engraved with the LAPCO scorpion.


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