1. Assault Ported Fake Suppressor for Assault and STR8 Shot Barrels
  2. APEX Ready Tip For Assault and STR8Shot Barrels
  3. Dishka Thunder Tip for Assault and STR8 Shot Barrels
  4. STR8Shot T8 and T9 9 Inch .690 Tip Bead Blasted Black - Regular
  5. Phantom Flash Hider for BigShot Assault™ and STR8Shot™ Barrels
  6. Cocker Rifled FSR 15" .683
  7. A-5/X7/BT-4 BigShot 12-Inch .690 Bead Blasted Black
  8. A-5/X7/BT-4 BigShot 12-Inch .687 Bead Blasted Black
  9. 1 Inch Thread Protector Tip for Assault and STR8 Shot
  10. A-5/X7/BT-4 BigShot 14-Inch .687 Bead Blasted Black
A-5/X7/BT-4 BigShot 12 Inch .684 Polished Black (Vintage MicroSh

BigShot™ Barrel


The LAPCO one piece BigShot™ is a world-wide favorite among players looking for superior performance.  The BigShot™ barrel is the most accurate and the most gas efficient barrel available on the market today.  If you are tired of your barrel holding you back from top-level performance, this barrel will help you achieve elite status wherever you play.


LAPCO’s Tru-Bore™ technology sets it ahead of the pack. Each barrel is stiff arbor honed by a master craftsman.  The unique triple honing provides a superior mirror finish, roundness, straightness, cylindricity, concentricity, self-cleaning properties, and ultimately amazing accuracy.  These are the reasons for the legendary superiority of LAPCO barrels. 


  • The superior performance of the LAPCO BigShot™ has been repeatedly confirmed in a multitude of independent tests over the last 23 years. 
  • Made from very high grade aluminum, custom formulated for LAPCO.
  • Each barrel is amazingly accurate.
  • Extremely gas efficient due to minimal friction because of the micro-honed mirror finish.
  • Each barrel is stiff arbor honed by a master craftsman.
  • Self – Cleaning: Shoot through the occasional ball break – no need to swab.
  • Performance not affected by heat or cold.
  • Anodized using a proprietary process that produces an extra hard and durable finish.
  • Made 100% in-house in the USA. 
  • Every barrel carries The Legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty: This is the best warranty you will never use.
  • Each barrel has a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Every barrel is laser engraved with the exact bore size and the LAPCO scorpion.
  • All BigShot™ barrels have the easily recognizable 1 inch diameter muzzle tip, designed for harmonic stabilization.



Threads: A-5/X7/BT-4

Length: 12"

Bore: .684

Finish: Glossy Finish


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