TiPX/X7 Phenom/M17 8-Inch BigShot Assault

TiPX/X7-Phenom/M17 8-Inch BigShot Assault

  • $73.69

Threads: TiPX/X7-Phenom/M17

Bore Length: 7 inch Control Bore / 8 inch with Tip

Bore Options: .679, .684, .687, .690

Finish: Matte Finish

Barrel outside diameter is 7/8"


TCR Note: This barrel length doesn't extend outside of the TCR shroud.


Not Recommended for use in the A5/X7 as the bolt will jam.

MilSig, Valken CQMF/M17 can use A5 or TiPX barrels but for better efficiency, we recommend the TiPX barrels.

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