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What sets the Lapco Desert Edge Fuse Barrel System apart from other barrels in the market?

  • Accuracy: Utilizing Lapco's legendary Tru-Bore technology in conjunction with providing optimal control bore length of 8.5 inches, you get the best shot on shot accuracy in the market
  • Self-Cleaning: To ensure the best self-cleaning barrel we introduce our two-stepped, five row porting.  With Lapco's Tru-Bore technology, this new feature ensures the quickest barrel cleanout, keeping those inevitable barrel breaks from slowing you down
  • Sound: Our two-stepped, five row porting provides you with the quietest two-piece barrel on the market.  This porting is able to reduce the sound of your marker significantly, allowing you to focus on listening to your team & the game without difficulty
  • Compatability: Backs available in 0.680, 0.683, 0.687, 0.691 bore sizes.  Currently available in Cocker, A5, and Ion threading. The Fuse system also compliments the Shaft 4 Barrel from Planet Eclipse, allowing the Fuse back to fit the Shaft front and the Fuse tip to fit the Shaft back.  Combine a full Fuse system and a full Shaft 4 kit for up to 8 bore sizes!!
  • Design: With a dust black finish & unique design, the Fuse system provides an aesthetic appeal that looks great on all markers on the Speedball and Woodsball fields

The Fuse will provide you with a superb performance in all areas of your playstyle without sacrificing anything.  A product made for players, by players, no matter where you play!!

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