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Lapco Paintball

Spyder Feedneck No Hole, Matte Finish DIscontinued

Spyder Feedneck No Hole, Matte Finish DIscontinued


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Our Spyder Feedneck was created to hold on to your hopper and not let it go. Made from high-grade aluminum this feedneck will not allow the hopper to rotate and will not damage your hopper. Made extremely durable at an affordable price point you can't go wrong with a Lapco made feedneck.

Clamping Feedneck for the Spyder. This version has tabs, not holes and fits Pilot, Fenix, Nexion, Rodeo, X-Tra, Fenix w/ ACS, Primal E, Pilot w/ ACS, Electra, TL-R, Sonix, New Style Imagine, TL-X, Xtra, Flash, Flash Classic, EM1, New Style Electra ACS (Rockin Frame), New Style Pilot ACS, and any others with similar mounting.

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