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Lapco Paintball

Tippmann Cyclone Upgrade Combo - Regular - (Discontinued)

Tippmann Cyclone Upgrade Combo - Regular - (Discontinued)


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What's included in this package:

Ratchet Upgrade- Our aluminum ratchet upgrade for the A5/X7 Cyclone was made to increase the rate of fire and provide a higher level of durability within your cyclone. This upgrade includes threaded pins making it a simple install that can be done with an Allen wrench.

PosiFeed Paddles Medium- This medium paddles will decrease the amount of ball breakage within the Cyclone. This paddle also allows players to shoot at an increased rate of fire with no problem. The paddles are interlocking, meaning that both the upper paddle and lower paddle fit together and won't slap during use.

LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing- This upgrade is used to increase the reliability of your Cyclone (no more missed/skipped shots). It also features our Uni-Flow Venting that won't allow dust or dirt to get sucked into the piston housing.

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