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Lapco Paintball

Uni-Flow™ Piston Housing for Tippmann Cyclone Feed System - (Discontinued)

Uni-Flow™ Piston Housing for Tippmann Cyclone Feed System - (Discontinued)


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The patent pending design utilizes a smooth bore for faster action and longer piston seal life.

The LAPCO design has precisely optimized the venting timing, location, and volume.

The unique Uni-Flow™ design rapidly vents the gas at just the right moment, but does not allow dirt or paint to be pulled into the housing on the reverse stroke.

This innovative design prevents dirt clogging and piston seal wear.

The LAPCO Uni-Flow™ Piston Housing eliminates skipped shots caused by airflow problems stemming from high rates of fire or low-pressure operation.

Each LAPCO Uni-Flow™ Piston Housing is precision machined from high-grade aluminum.

Every housing is laser engraved and finished using an extra-hard black anodizing process for an extremely durable finish.

Made 100% in-house in the USA.

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